Understanding Medical Marijuana Locally

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Medical marijuana: Does it work? What’s in it? And where do I start? How do I support a family member that uses it?

I’ve heard these questions hundreds of times. Do you want to know what’s in your medicine? Did you know some marijuana does not even cause a high? Do you want to talk freely about your cannabis use? Hear other’s struggles and successes? Do you want your family member to hear professional explanations about cannabis therapy?

I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way and I, like many others, am willing to share my experiences. Although the strain, ingestion method, dosage, and frequency vary from patient to patient, the struggles don’t really change. Sometimes talking to people in similar shoes can relieve stress and anxiety as well as build friendships and a network of like-minded people.

The information is also helpful to patients’ families to understand as well. I remember back to when I first started medical marijuana, I was so excited to tell my sister but her reply I’ll never forget. “Oh great, another drug.” At the time, I was on 33 prescription drugs daily.  It was not the response I was looking for from her and I did not know how to answer, defend my choice, or explain the benefits.

Now, years later, I live seizure-free with only one form of medicine – cannabis All the other drugs were phased out.

Now Act Laboratories and Hybrid.Life Magazine are excited to announce the beginning of our monthly Cannabis support groups. Attendees will have the chance to talk with other patients, caregivers, and families. We will be applying a holistic approach to this free program: talking in small groups can help put your mind at ease, testing and understanding the results is good for your body, and community is good for the Spirit. Maria Green, a local herbalist specializing in cannabis plant therapy, and many other cannabis-friendly professionals like doctors and attorneys, will be featured at the meetings for additional input.

We welcome all patients, caregivers, and family members who have been helped or want help using and understanding cannabis as medicine. The event is totally FREE! Patients in the program will receive free testing of meds.

Join us on January 12, 2016 at 6:30pm at Act Laboratories, 617 E. Hazel St, Lansing, MI. Click here for more information on Facebook.

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