The Green Report: Kushy Assignment

The Kushion impresses with quality products, superior service

by: Steve Green

With the summer heating up, I was looking for a chill spot where I could get quality meds from a knowledgeable budtender that was on a CATA route. The Kushion Provision Center is where I found myself.

The store has some curbside parking, as well as a lot in the back that is accessible through an alley. The alley is adorned with a colorful mural featuring the shop’s unofficial mascot: some sort of guru-like character, cross-legged in apparent meditation. The front door looked like any standard glass business door, but inside this there was a second door: black, metalgrated with a custom marijuana leaf design built into it. They checked my ID and medical marijuana card, and I was in.

I looked around in the lobby, which had a video game system and a foosball table for waiting patients. It was a nice place to chill for a minute. Next, I was called into the green room to check out the products. The presentation was awesome. All the strains were displayed in crystal goblets, giving them a stately impression. They had a huge variety of flowers to choose from, ranging in cost from $10 to $15 per gram. I picked up a high-CBD strain called Cannatonic #4 — a variety that I use daily — and a high-THC strain called Kosher Kush to add some variety and hopefully help me sleep.

In the concentrate selection, they had a little of everything, from CO2 oils to stable, single-strain shatter for about $35-45 per gram. The shatter looked and smelled great; I´m not always impressed with what some shops call shatter. Stable shatter can be touched without sticking to your fingers and can be broken into pieces without being put in the freezer. If it has to go in the freezer to get brittle, then it’s not proper shatter. It was evident that the concentrate maker for the Kushion knows what he is doing.

Knowing that I would likely return soon, I did not get any wax on this trip. I also explored the case with medibles. The selection was a bit smaller than I’d expected, but seemed to have something for everyone. The options included marijuana-infused drinks and chocolate truffles, with marked doses ranging from 20 mg to 300 mg of THC. I chose to go with a low-dose chocolate square for $5.

I asked several questions of the budtender. Not only was he knowledgeable about the selection, but he also knew a lot about CBD, various medical benefits and terpenes.

Once home, I decided to start with the chocolate square to satisfy my sweet tooth. It had a very mild cannabis taste as it melted in my mouth, and the low dose of THC was just what I needed. Later on, I finished my day with the Kosher Kush. The burn was clean, and the ash was white. The earthy flavor was not covered up by the fruity taste, rather it was enhanced. I was quite happy with the flavor, taste and effect.

Kosher Kush is a great night time choice, because it is a heavy indica strain that regularly tests in the high 20’s for THC percentage. This high level of THC often leaves one yawning and stuck “inda-couch.” There is an urban legend surrounding this strain’s name, with some claiming the strain was blessed by a rabbi, but that’s a story for another time. Blessing or no, this strain provided the much needed sleep I was hoping for.

The next morning, I woke refreshed and started my day with the Cannatonic #4. It was very effective in relieving my muscle spasms and chronic pain without the high of traditional marijuana.

Steve Green, who writes this column every two weeks, uses marijuana to prevent seizures. He has no business ties to any dispensaries or products.

The Kushion Provision Center

1723 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing (517) 657-2932, instagram.com/ kushionprov 10 a.m.-10 p.m. daily

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