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The Sweet Leaf takes a farmers market approach to its dispensary

by Steve Green

In August, Flint’s City Council voted to approve an ordinance regulating dispensaries. As I approached the Sweet Leaf’s location on Dort Highway, I could already see the positive impact. It was easy to notice a large sign with the words “The Sweet Leaf” and a picture of a leaf on it, but it is not a marijuana leaf — let’s call it a sweet leaf. Directly beneath the main Sweet Leaf sign was a smaller, secondary sign that read “Florida Bob,” the nickname of the man who created the dispensary.The large brick building and its onsite parking lot are up kept nicely. Once inside, I immediately felt welcomed. The lobby was clean and had a fresh scent. I checked in with the receptionist, who checked my ID and verified my card. After I completed the paperwork, he providedme access into the back room, which was unlike any dispensary model I’ve seen.

There were several hallways with offices lining both sides — a total of nine offices. Each of the offices housed an independent caregiver, each with their own products available and their own price points. I was excited about this setup because it not only drastically increases the selection of medical marijuana strains and products available, it also provides a plethora of personalities — you never have to deal with someone you´re not comfortable with.

I was able to find everything from clones (baby marijuana plants) to flowers to oils. The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) edibles were slightly short-stocked, but after some discussion with a few caregivers I can see this selection growing in the near future. It was nice to see that the CBD (cannabidiol)-rich edible selection was in large supply. This gave the store more of a medical center feel, as CBD provides many of the medical benefits of marijuana with less of the psychoactive effects. The Sweet Leaf had some of the best CBD-rich products I’ve found in the Flint area, in both flower and edible forms.

Every vendor was helpful, and they were diligent to ensure I had the full experience by encouraging me to visit each of the other vendors. If I was the type of person who buys something from each vendor, this could have become an expensive trip. Whom am I kidding? I am that kind of person. Thankfully, I didn’t have to explain a budgetary hit to my wife. The compassionate gifts rained in: First-time patients get a nice offering from each vendor. Prices were also very competitive, with most of the products set around $10 per gram.

With a nice building, ample parking, the helpfulness of the vendors and a large variety of quality medicine, the Sweet Leaf has certainly hit the formula for success. It is the perfect combination of a farmers market and upscale store. If you are the kind of person who likes individual care and sitting down to talk with your provider, they´ve got you covered here. The Sweet Leaf has only been open four weeks, and I am interested to see if this model is repeated elsewhere in the state.

I left with a well-stocked bag containing everything from pre-rolled joints to high-CBD flowers to edibles of every variety and even some bubble hash, a THC resin extracted using only water and ice that carries double the potency of a marijuana flower.

Steve Green, who writes this column every two weeks, uses marijuana to prevent seizures. He has no business ties to any dispensaries or products.

The Sweet Leaf

400 S. Dort Highway, Flint (810) 259-2571, info@ thesweetleafllc.com

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