The different types of cannabis oils

People tend to confuse the different types of oils which are produced from cannabis. Although all these products have similarities, it’s good to know the differences. Due to the sudden growth of the cannabis market, there is a lot of talk from journalists that don’t have the knowledge on the subject, which is why

Below you can find a list of the main types of oil available. Depending on the case, one can use the type of oil he or she needs.

Cannabis Oil: This is a general term that is often used to define any oil produced from Cannabis. Because the term is so general and broad, it often makes it difficult to define the different substances.

Hemp Oil: It’s a food of high nutritional value and does not contain THC. In every supermarket you can find it. Plus, you can cook with it without getting high. No psychoactive. Hemp oil products have been legal and available for many years now. Made from the pressed seeds of the hemp. Several uses of the hemp oil include soaps, and cosmetic products like lotions, and shampoos.

Marijuana Oil: Contains the psychoactive substance THC and comes from the marijuana species of cannabis. THC is often an effective solution when dealing with pain and/or anxiety and can be very helpful for patients that try to deal with these symptoms. This kind of oil can also help fight symptoms of nausea and helps people get a nice sleep, which is a vital factor when one is fighting against serious illnesses.

CBD Oil: The compound of this oil is called Cannabidiol. It’s not psychoactive at all, but has strong healing powers. Recent medical research is showing a lot of potential benefits to the human health. It’s produced from the flowers, leaves, and the stalks of the plant.

In the market there are also available CBD Oil products that are enriched with the psychoactive compound of THC: It’s good to know that THC has not only recreational value, but also a lot of medical applications. This type of oil has also psychoactive properties. This is the reason it is not as legal as the CBD oil mentioned previously. In most cases, patients need a prescription in order to get it.

One basic thing to remember is that medical cannabis oil is not addictive. Cannabis has been used since the beginning of time and nobody ever died from it.


Written by W.Smith



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