Water Considerations for Concerned Citizens

The water situation in Flint is nothing short of tragic. And it is heartbreaking to think that there are so many people who live in that city who have been subject to having [...]

February 19, 2016


The Corrosion of Public Health

There is a growing concern over the health, cleanliness, and purity of the food and drink we consume in America. Our infrastructure is crumbling, and along with that urban [...]

February 3, 2016

Woman and Child Statue

The Women in Flint Who Stepped Up to Lead

With all the talk about what went wrong and who’s to blame in regard to the water crisis in Flint, any mention of those who exposed the problem has quickly fallen away [...]

January 29, 2016


Who is Responsible for the Water in Flint?

With the Flint water crisis reaching fever pitch as of late, Michigan is drawing national attention for some very unenviable reasons. For one thing, our state leaders have [...]

January 23, 2016


Don’t Drink the Water

Whenever we hear about disease outbreaks, unsanitary living conditions, and water shortages, we tend to think of third world countries, where sanitation is often inadequate [...]

January 15, 2016

Zoning Committee

Don’t Panic; It Could Be Organic.

In a 6-1 vote Thursday, December 17, Detroit City Council passed a restrictive zoning ordinance for medical marijuana establishments within the city. Councilman Scott Benson [...]

December 21, 2015


Fungus Among Us

Fungi manage and mediate the space between the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms. They serve to ensure the health of our bodies and our ecosystems, help mitigate [...]

December 17, 2015


Real Food, Real Life

Whenever we go to the fridge to make a decision about what to eat, most of the time we probably make that choice based primarily on what sounds good. Choosing foods that are [...]

December 11, 2015

Extensive series of a Caucasian, Authentic Santa Claus Character on a blue background.

Occupy Christmas

It’s officially that wonderful time of year when holiday cheer brings us closer together with those who are near and dear to our hearts. Though for some, this may be a [...]

November 27, 2015

buy nothing

Buy Nothing Day

Now that Halloween is over, the holiday season has officially begun. Actually, Christmas time consumerism began sneaking into stores right alongside Halloween costumes and [...]

November 3, 2015

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