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LSD on the brain: Happy Bicycle Day

It was 73 years ago on April, 19 1943 that chemist Albert Hoffman took the first ever intentional LSD trip. This came five years after Hoffman first synthesized the drug in [...]

April 26, 2016

Credit: Brendan Smoker

45th Hash Bash: A weed winter wonderland

Thousands gathered on Saturday April, 2 in Ann Arbor to celebrate the annual Hash Bash and Monroe Street Fair. The event occurs on the first Saturday of April every year [...]

April 4, 2016

Credit: NASA Image of the day

Decoding our universe and the waves of life

There’s no better way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s proposal of relativity than successfully detecting gravitational waves. On February 11, 2016 the [...]

February 18, 2016

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