Reality of Awareness

We are finding more and more that the condition of our mindspace has much more to do with the quality of reality we experience than we had ever imagined before. Stress and worry can make us more susceptible to illness by weakening the body’s immune system. And success or failure often hinge upon how much positive energy and honest, loving intention we put into achieving goals or completing projects. However, thinking positively and wishing for the best aren’t the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy outlook and augmenting reality. We must also examine our thought patterns and develop critical thinking skills to help us evaluate our opinions and then determine what is influencing them. And, of course, we must take the necessary steps to remove obstacles from our path to taking action, and then most importantly act!


The real lives we each hold responsibility for are influenced by what we believe, by our thoughts and expectations, and the actions we take on a daily basis. When we experience a cognitive dissonance among these different elements of experience and reality, this can make it quite difficult for us to reach our full potential as human beings. A person may have a false notion about how nature works, or the capabilities of human technology. Classical examples of this are such ideas as the flat earth theory and early speculations about how the planets orbit the sun. We tend to make many false assumptions about various things that we think we understand, which are often based primarily on fear, lack of understanding, prejudice, miseducation, or just plain ignorance.


One of the main ways we cause ourselves confusion, disconnect humanity from the rest of nature, and ultimately deprive our minds of intellectual sustenance, is merely the way in which we interact with our surroundings, and the presumptions we make about matter and energy. Humans have spent the last couple of thousand years or so, maybe more, looking upward and outward to try and find the answers we seek and the meaning to life. We’ve found ways to travel to distant planets and view the outermost reaches of our solar system, hoping to find something more interesting and exciting than what is happening before us right here on earth. While I’m no proponent of constant navel-gazing, it seems that there is as much to be learned about the macrocosm of the whole universe if we could slow down and take some time to turn our attention to the microcosm within ourselves. Here, we might just find the answer to who or what God is, if anything at all.


Notions of God as a person or entity existing outside of us have been around probably since the beginning of our conscious self awareness. As we’ve progressed and evolved toward something more than mere bipedal mammals, our cosmology too has evolved, and gets continually updated and upgraded, whether we are aware of it or not. Today we seem to be at a turning point in our evolution, where a religious conception of the universe often lacks any credibility due to staunch, dogmatic beliefs and stubborn suppositions about any variety of things that we so choose. Take, for example, current debates over climate change or abortion and women’s rights, racism, gun control, education, corporate personhood, and economic inequality. It is obvious that we are no where near a consensus on how we should all be expected to behave or how to form public policy. For many, it’s discouraging and somewhat frightening that we are living amidst this seemingly devolving state of human affairs. Or is it?


Perhaps we are merely entering into a new age of rationality and civility for all of humanity. If we are ever to undergo a pivotal transformation for our species, it seems inevitable that we proceed through a sort of collective ‘dark night of the soul,’ in which we all finally begin to understand and embrace that what we see before us is actually a construct of our own imaginations. What we expect is what we ask for; it’s what we manifest into reality by wishing and hoping it into being, by fearing and seeking to escape, or any combination of these. This is a difficult concept to take hold of, as it requires a sort of embracing acceptance that is almost akin to belief or faith in some greater being. But we are part and parcel of that creative universal stream of energy consciousness surging through all things. We are the living, loving, giving, growing ebb and flow of all that is, and ever will be. We are the river, the earth, the sun, and the tree. And we are co-creators with one another, for better or for worse, as we shape and we mold, and all contribute to what we behold as our perceptions of reality.

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