Organic Gardening: A Great Place to Start

So, you have decided to start a garden and want to skip the pesticides and the other nasty chemicals that plague conventional gardens. Where do you start? Here is a quick guide that can get your ideas flowing. Use the Internet and libraries to do more in depth research about your area and what works well. Find local gardening classes and groups to learn with. There is a ton of good, easily understandable and attainable information available to get you started.

I will get you started with a few basics that are important when setting up your organic garden. Want to know these tips and more? Pick up the April Premier Collector’s Edition of Hybrid.Life Magazine!

About Kryssi Jones (2 Articles)
Kryssi is the Ann Arbor chapter leader for No GMO 4 Michigan and a national organizer with March against Monsanto. She's been involved with all things natural for the past 7 years. She is also a cannabis enthusiast.
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