Nature’s Gift to Us

Organic Gardening and Why You Should Do It

Back in the 1950s, you’d be hard pressed to find a home without even the smallest garden. A home garden was the norm. They grew heirloom seeds from their last crop. They sprayed vinegar for weed control along with getting their hands dirty to remove the annoying foliage. People ate herbs and vegetables that they grew themselves; food that they could be proud of. Today, it’s a completely different story. It’s rare to see an extensive food garden. If you do happen to come across a neighbor who grows a few crops, chances are, it’s being sprayed with pesticides and herbicides conceived by chemical companies that brought you Agent Orange and DDT. People now spend more time on keeping their lawns green with fertilizer than they are growing their own food. We have lost self sufficiency and now rely on the convenience of grocery stores. We must put a stop to this before it’s too late.

Modern agriculture damages our environment more than ANY other human activity. Just growing our food is worse than big factories and smog. We use more pesticides and fertilizers than ever before and the EPA raises the limits every year to comply with their biggest donors wishes. Because of this, our land, air and water are being destroyed. A heavy rain can cause fertilizer to ‘run off’ into the water supply causing algae blooms and many other dangerous complications rendering city-treated water undrinkable . The nutrients in the soil are being depleted. It can take up to 300 years for 1 inch of agricultural soil to form making it virtually irreplaceable. These chemical poisons are being sprayed next to elementary schools and are in the air for our families to breath. Pesticides are becoming such a problem that our bees, butterflies and birds are dying off in increasing numbers. Honey bees are gathering pesticide laced pollen and bringing it back to their hive therefore killing the entire colony. Without bees pollinating, we will not have crops. Without crops, we don’t eat. That is why this is such a serious issue.

YOU can help save our planet. It’s as simple as growing an organic garden! When you decide to grow your own food without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, you help not only the bees and other animals, but yourself as well. Gardening is therapeutic and fun. Gardening organically is cheap and smart! You can get heirloom seeds online or at a local farmers market for a low one time cost then harvest your seeds after every crop. You never have to buy them again. Instead of spending countless dollars on herbicides, spray some vinegar and water and get your hands a little dirty. Instead of pesticides, there are herbs and flowers you can grow that repel disturbing insects. Don’t rely on the grocery store for your produce that is filthy, overpriced and contaminated with poison, grow your own food. Share your crop with your neighbor and give them information on growing organically. The more time you spend organically gardening and spreading the word, the more likely it is that we can reverse some of the damage being apathetic has caused. We can’t rely on our corporate controlled government to step in and end this, WE have to unite and do it ourselves. It’s our planet, we have to take it back for our future.

Organic gardening is all about working with nature instead of against it. It’s what our ancestors mastered and what chemical companies are trying, but failing to replicate. Even if you have an apartment or a home with minimal outdoor space, a simple window box garden can do a lot of good. There are many resources available online and at your local library. Don’t be fooled by big companies such as Monsanto, DuPont and Bayer. Their products will always be inferior to mother nature. Once you see the yield of your garden, you’ll be proud of the work you put in and the food that you feed your family. WE can control what happens to our planet, we just have to get educated and unite against the chemical companies attempting to eradicate our natural resources.

The first step is the willingness to try. What’s the worst that can happen?

About Kryssi Jones (2 Articles)
Kryssi is the Ann Arbor chapter leader for No GMO 4 Michigan and a national organizer with March against Monsanto. She's been involved with all things natural for the past 7 years. She is also a cannabis enthusiast.
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