Monsanto, You Devil

Monsanto is arguably the most evil corporation on the planet. A large portion of society understands that this company is responsible for creating poisonous chemicals such as aspartame, DDT, Agent Orange, and glyphosphate which was recently labeled as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” by the World Health Organization. Most people also know that carcinogens are cancer-causing agents…but we’re spraying this stuff on our food! Not only is this a danger to public health, but it poses an even greater risk to agricultural workers who apply glyphosphate, otherwise known as Round Up, to vegetable crops in order to keep away weeds. Even though Monsanto claims their product is safe, we’re beginning to see cancers developing in workers who have used Round Up in their jobs every day for extended periods of time.


EcoWatch News has recently reported that “Two separate U.S. agricultural workers have slapped lawsuits against Monsanto, alleging that Roundup—the agribusiness giant’s flagship herbicide—caused their cancers, and that the company ‘falsified data’ and ‘led a prolonged campaign of misinformation’ to convince the public, farm workers and government agencies about the safety of the product.” It’s difficult to imagine how or why a company like Monsanto has continued to exist, with such a tainted history of creating toxic chemicals that endanger society. Perhaps it has been due, in large part, to products they’ve created that had some sort of perceived or concocted benefit to society, or maybe their government contracts in the production of chemicals for biological warfare, like Agent Orange have kept them in business. Many are familiar with the story of Silent Spring and Rachel Carson’s indictment of the devastating effects of the chemical compound DDT, which was used in foreign wars and in domestic applications to keep away mosquitoes. Though the chemical was eventually banned, largely due to the awareness raised by Carson’s book, the main company who had been producing DDT and other poisonous toxins in America since 1901 was, of course, Monsanto.


For the first eight decades of its existence, Monsanto primarily produced chemical food additives, insecticides, pesticides, and industrial chemicals, such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s). Many of the these products have come under scrutiny and have been shown to be cancer causing compounds, possible carcinogens, and/or persistent organic pollutants, as in the case of PCB’s. These awful chemicals are known endocrine disruptors and neurotoxins, cause a variety of health issues in humans and animals, and they are difficult to get rid of after they’ve polluted the air, soil, and water. Once Monsanto began dabbling in biogenetics in the eighties, the company had already contributed much toward the toxification of our environment. Then, as the story is told by Modern Farmer magazine, “Its first GMO product, the patented Glyphosate-resistant, “Round-Up Ready” soybean, was approved by the USDA in 1994. But most Americans hadn’t heard of Monsanto until it tried to sell the seeds to Europe. That’s when things turned sour.”


Obviously, Monsanto is a company that acts without conscience. Not that an organization can really act with care and responsibility as a human being might, but those who run it certainly can. And it appears as though the ones behind the controls at Monsanto have no concern with anything other than making money. The company’s legacy of creating cancer-causing products that sicken humans, kill off plant and animal life, and leave toxins in the soil for many lifetimes to come has certainly not caused them to go out of business. Now they just genetically modify seeds so that they’ll be resistant to the chemical herbicides they also produce, and then try to force farmers to use all their toxic products by threat, intimidation, and domination of the market. If farmers save seeds that have descended from patented “Round Up Ready” seeds, they may face harassment and litigation if they don’t pay royalties for using the seeds that have been kept for replanting, even if they do it unknowingly. These aren’t the fair business practices of a socially responsible company seeking to help society by providing great products to enhance our lives and help achieve greater crop yields and production efficiencies. These are simply cut throat plutocratic tactics designed to merely grow the company’s bottom line, regardless of what it takes, whether it’s toxic, unsafe, unhealthy, or unwise.


Perhaps now that some lawsuits are coming against the company for their responsibility in causing cancer, maybe others will speak up and join in the fight against this bullying behemoth of a corporation that is itself a societal cancer. Monsanto has poisoned our water, land, and air long enough. They have gone too far monopolizing the market and bullying small farmers into either paying to use their products, or paying up if they end up planting some of their precious patented seed “technology.” We don’t need Monsanto, their chemical concoctions and bioengineered plants. We can feed ourselves much better by growing organically, from heirloom seeds that can be saved year after year indefinitely. We’ve been living for hundreds of thousands of years without them, and we’ll be more likely to survive further into the future if we get rid of them.

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