Michigan Community Shuts Down Dispensary in an Odd Way


On March 19, 2015, at approximately 2 PM, a swarm of 8 black unmarked police vehicles descended upon Pure Wellness, located at 145 N. Haggerty Road in Canton MI, to serve a building code violation.

Say what!?

After hearing of this, I decided to investigate myself. Something didn’t seem to add up regarding the reason 8 law-enforcement vehicles would be needed for a building permit matter. The door of this business, which was housed within a nice strip mall, had large, bright signs stuck to it reminiscent of a ‘condemned’ tag you might see on a run-down house. Sure enough, the notices on the door indicated that the business’s occupancy permit had been revoked by the township.

In the 15 minutes I was in front of Pure Wellness, 3 patrons tried going inside or asked me if they were open. Employees at the tanning salon witnessed the police encounter that day, but reported not noticing any problems regarding public safety in the past. At the other end of the strip mall, the employees at Maria’s Liquor Pizza also denied ever having any troubles with Pure Wellness or its patrons. Both employees said they did not see anyone being taken to jail.purewellness2

Before leaving the property, I did a double-take on those signs plastering the door. Both were dated for the year 2014, and one also was dated for April, which made me wonder who the ones that were high were.

One employee from the Canton Township Building and Inspection Services did confirm that the action happened that day and the dates should have read 3/19/15 on the notices. The township’s legal department was not immediately available for comment.

So what is up with this smoke cloud of confusion? Why would such a large number of police personnel be necessary to serve a building code violation?  I guess we will have to wait and find out.

  • Faith56

    Many dispensaries in Michigan have been shut down. The war on drugs puts too much money in too many pockets for them to stop. Disgusting.

  • Sue

    I highly recommend they file an insurance claim with the municipalities insurance company for all losses and continual losses, there is a deadline to file these. I then recommend they contact an attorney to get things in order. 734-945-1535 Liberty13 Legal Defense

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