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420 Solutions offers quality products, creative medibles By Steve Green  @gstevegreen

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While traveling down Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard one day, I noticed a brand new sign advertising a Review dispensary named 420 Solutions. The sign, with bright neon lettering, was easy to see from the road. THE GREEN REPORT The store itself is located in the MLK Plaza at 4405 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Like most strip malls, the parking here was easy to access and the small lot was not overburdened by cars.

I parked and walked up to the front door, which was locked. I pressed the doorbell and waited for the staff to trigger the door lock. When I heard the click, I was able to pull it open and walk in. While this is a pretty popular security feature at dispensaries around the state, I have heard about patients with hearing problems who have a hard time listening for the doors to click.

I was greeted as I entered, and an employee immediately checked my ID and medical marijuana card. I was already in the green room, which was full of glass cases featuring everything from buds and paraphernalia to hats and other non-medical gear. I was shown “the solutions,” comprising nearly a dozen flower selections, a few different types of hash and extract and several medible options. While they carry the usual edibles — such as infused suckers and cannabis oil capsules — they also have a chef who can prepare custom orders of infused foods, including marijuana-infused Italian lasagna for $15. It is made from scratch, and payment must be made at least 24 hours in advance. I did not get any medibles on this visit, but I know I’ll be back to order the lasagna.

The budtender was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He explained that all the products are tested at Iron Laboratories, an ISO certified lab. I asked to see the test results, and he pulled out a binder with the reports and explained how each strain might help certain medical conditions. I picked out three different flowers. The first was a new one for me, Goji OG, which tested at 15.2 percent THC. The other two were Gorilla Glue, possibly Michigan’s most popular strain with reports showing 20.0 percent THC, and Death Star, one of my favorites with a high 22.2 percent THC. I also got a gram of “moon rocks,” known at some dispensaries as caviar. Moon rocks are marijuana buds rolled in some oil, in this case hash oil from Chem Valley Kush, then dipped in kief. With test results of 5 percent THC and 1.1 percent CBG, these moon rocks pack a big punch.

Back in my cave, I first tried the Goji OG. It had a distinct berry taste mixed with the crisp and classic OG taste. It burned clean and provided a refreshing high that allowed me to get things done, while also relieving my pain and muscle spasms. Next up, I tested the Gorilla Glue. It had the exact flavor and effect I look for in this strain, so I know it was grown well. The Death Star was also delicious, with fruity hints on the inhale and a powerful diesel taste on the exhale. With great lung expansion, this strain can easily produce a lot of coughing with too big of a hit. The effect had me mentally uplifted and feeling more creative, while its body numbing effect relieved my pain. I think I even noticed myself walking faster after this smoke.

Steve Green, who writes this column every two weeks, uses marijuana to prevent seizures. He has no business ties to any dispensaries or products.

420 Solutions

11 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Saturday, closed Sunday

4405 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Lansing (517) 885-5856

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