Local dispensary owner and police working together to fight crime

Having your business broken into is almost inevitable in the marijuana industry, especially dispensaries. Why is that? They have products that are valuable. Emerald City, on South Cedar, was the most recent victim of a break-in. It happened in the late hours on a Sunday night, and the whole ordeal lasted until the early hours of Monday morning. We were able to speak with the owner about further details of that night.

The owner of Emerald City, Scott Lindsey, was called just after midnight by the security company for his business. While he was on the phone with them, he checked the cameras on his phone. Since he didn’t see anything, he told them not to call the police. Lindsey watched the playback and noticed three men around 11:50 p.m. working on breaking the outside door. They left around midnight because they could not access the door. When he clicked back to the live feed, he noticed that they were back and immediately called 911.

Lansing Police Department arrived to the scene within three minutes of Lindsey calling to report the break-in. He was watching the cameras on his phone when the police showed up to Emerald City. The perpetrators ran and the LPD police tracked them for 2.5 miles with a K-9 unit. Just after 2 a.m. the LPD successfully caught all three of the perpetrators and were able to handcuff them and bring them to justice. Lindsey’s presence was requested to show up at the scene.

On his way to the shop, he witnessed, “…not less than 20 police cars with lights on…” between Pennsylvania Avenue and Cedar Street on Mt. Hope. With all of the police cars and manpower for a break-in, one might wonder, how did the police treat him? Did they give him a hard time because of the fact that the business was a dispensary? When he was asked about the way he was treated by the Lansing Police Officers, he had a very positive response. Lindsey said that, “the officers were professional, friendly, and jovial. I assume happy because they were successful.” No one was injured and nothing was stolen from Emerald City. Luckily the story of this break-in has a happy ending.

However, this isn’t the first time that Emerald city has been broken into. They have had one previous break-in just before Thanksgiving. The thieves did get in that time. They stole some shake, ground up weed that collects at the bottom of a jar, and a glass pipe. There was no damage and nothing else was stolen. Again, the security company called to let Lindsey know. The police were not called that time. Lindsey has video footage, but just of the thieves outside.

Lindsey also knows from professional experience that break-ins can happen at any kind of business. He used to manage a hair salon before he bought it at a strip mall. His salon, along with other stores, were broken into. The walls didn’t go all the way up, so the thieves were able to go over the walls to the next business. Break-ins can happen to any store and unfortunately are all too common.

The marijuana industry has a long way to go before being accepted as a legitimate industry. It will be a long time before all break-ins relating to marijuana businesses will be treated the same way as this one. With the friendly, professional and positive interaction with the Lansing Police Department, it tells me that we are one-step closer to reaching that goal.


Written by Constance Taylor

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