Kent County Raids Shake a Community

Patients are not being provided for again.

In some parts of the state, assaults on patients, providers, and their medicine continue.

Last night (November 18, 2015), before closing time, Michigan State Police task forces (MET) showed up at The Provisioning Center on Plainfield Avenue to conduct a raid attorney Matt Herman Showed up at the scene to make sure patients rights were not violated. They took all computers, scales, medicine, jars, or anything of value; same as if they had gotten robbed.

At the same time, a similar raid was taking place at TPC West, but was being conducted by The Kent Area Narcotics Enforcement Team known as (KANET). One officer was recognized as a patient with a card that had been in several times before. The owners of TPC had their home searched and anything of value was taken. Even the modest vehicles were seized, as well both early 2000 model vehicles.

It was also reported that one other shop was raided in the area. All three affected dispensaries were located in Plainfield.

No arrests have been made. Occupants were all interviewed and released. Information is due to be turned over to the Kent County Prosecutor’s office where they will decide if charges shall be brought.

But because of Michigan’s current asset forfeiture laws, it is unlikely that any belongings will ever make their way back to the rightful owners.

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Photo Credit: Phil Dawson

  • Sue
  • Jordan Smeltzer

    How does law enforcement have the right to take their private property? Even though it my be affiliated with their business, which should be running legitematey, i’s files are what law enforcement need. Taking possession of the actualy hardware seams unjust to me.

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