Inside Foria and the Aphrodite Group

In the May issue of Hybrid.Life, you can read about my investigation into cannabis-based sexual lubricants. This post is a veritable behind-the-scenes look into the research conducted while writing about the topic. Specifically, we’ll look at the Aphrodite Group – how they do business, what the future holds for their heralded product, Foria, and buyer-bewares surrounding their online site, www.Foriapleasure.com.

Foria’s website is shrouded in secrecy, demanding users check a box verifying they’re 21+, and disclosing their state of residency: California or Colorado. The maneuver is part legal, part surreptitious, like a secret rave entry with a password or handshake (or whatever lascivious gesture your pervy mind can come up with.). “Let’s make this an exclusive product, so as to keep piquing their interest,” I imagined a bunch of board room fatcats consipring.

To purchase, the site required a license, along with an application to which the Aphrodite Group reserved the right to approve or deny, even though no reasoning for acceptance or denial was ever established. Then there was a PayPal payment to a guy named Matt. Things were getting a bit sketchy for my tastes.

I was immediately struck by how inaccessible the product was for other legal states/districts, so I contacted Karin Linner at the Aphrodite Group, and asked: why just CA and CO? I figured, given the cloak and dagger approach on the group’s site, that I may not even get a response. On the contrary, Ms. Linner responded promptly to my concerns.

“As far as rolling out to other states, we are working hard to make that happen.  Foria is currently available in California and Colorado and we are hoping to be on the shelves in Washington late spring/early summer.”

She continued with some key logistical concerns,

“… all cannabis products need to be manufactured in the state they are distributed, and can not be shipped across state lines.  As you can see there are a lot of logistics to be taken care of in order to expand from state to state.   We, FORIA, are hoping to be in as many legal states we can as soon as possible.”

Well, there went my self-righteous diatribe on restrained access. Turns out Aphrodite Group wants everyone, within the bounds of the law, to access their sexually-enhancing, topical spray. It was the law, itself, that was holding them back.

In the end, the site turned out to serve a dual purpose. The page not only sold the product, but also solicited funds for the organization and its continued research. They required a donation to become part of their collective. It’s no doubt that a grassroots campaign would help hurry along the expansion outlined by Linner.

Being the frugal (cheap) bloke I am, I ended up obtaining Foria at a local cannabis club in downtown Sacramento. You buy your groceries locally, why not get your Foria locally, too?

I just had to field the snarky giggles from the young man behind the counter.


You can read Christopher Millard’s article on cannabis lubes in the May issue of Hybrid.life.




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