Chong on the Battlefield Again

Just about 3 months ago, Tommy Chong visited us in the Great Lake State. He seemed to be in good spirits with lots of laughing and marijuana smoking. He was given a Key to the city of Hazel Park just before he signed autographs at B.D.T. Smoke Shop in Hazel Park. A few days later, he spoke to a crowd of over 5,000 marijuana supporters, saying, “All pot use is medical.” He was cheered on at the 44th annual Hash Bash, held on the Diag at the University of Michigan.

Now, we hear Tommy Chong is battling cancer once again. The Cheech & Chong star, now at age 77, revealed in an interview with Us Weekly on Tuesday, June 16, that he is undergoing treatment for rectal cancer.

“I’ve had some medical issues lately,” Chong told Us Weekly, “I got diagnosed with rectal cancer.”

Photo by Shannon Grossman

Photo by Shannon Grossman

Hybrid.Life will be following Chong’s battle as he goes through, what we imagine, will be similar treatments to his successful fight with pancreatic cancer. To listen to the Chong and Chong podcast, click here.

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