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Now that recreational marijuana has finally been legalized in several states, new industries are beginning to develop, and are reshaping both tourism and local economies. With legal weed being available to residents and visitors alike, cannabis tour groups are sprouting up alongside all the fresh growing greenery. One such company, called Colorado Cannabis Tours boasts that they are The best and most complete marijuana tour in Denver. Their tours include access to the Medicine Man Denver growing facility, with transportation provided by the “newest, most luxurious party buses and limos and the only tour with a live glass blowing demonstration.”


Medicine Man grows high quality medical and recreational marijuana, all grown within its own facility, and offers quite a selection of edibles, concentrates, drinks, and other various products. So, just spending time at the grow facility would probably be great in and of itself, but Colorado Cannabis Tours has much more! They can set up marijuana tourists with 420-friendly lodging, various classes to enjoy for learning and for fun, and they have a variety of other services to offer, such as cannabis infused massage therapy, 420-friendly airport transportation, limo rides, and vaporizer and dab rig rentals as well. Even without having experienced any of their products and services, it seems both Colorado Cannabis Tours and Medicine Man Denver are offering some of the best tours to be had in Colorado.


Another option for touring Denver, Colorado is My 420 Tours, which was featured on USA Today back in March of 2014, in an article detailing the many aspects of cannabis tourism in the state. They offer many of the same amenities as Colorado Cannabis Tours, with workshops, dispensary tours, 420-friendly hotel accommodations, and vaporizer rentals available as well. Though there is no mention of any specific tour stops on their website, they do offer a couple of different dispensary and grow tours, cannabis cooking classes, and an all inclusive cannabis vacation, if you want to get real fancy.


Being that cannabis tourism is a newly budding industry in the United States, it’s to be expected that this trend will continue to grow as more and more states legalize recreational marijuana. Once the DEA and federal government declassify marijuana as a schedule I drug, states will have even more freedom to legalize and regulate how they see fit, and this will allow for cannabis tourism to flourish all throughout the country. In anticipation of this upcoming trend, an agency called USAWeed.org has already been established to map out 420 Friendly places in states that have already legalized recreational weed. So far, this only includes Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, of course, but just for those three states there are pages of listings for dispensaries, tour companies, shops, and other 420 Friendly businesses.


Even in Michigan, where only medical marijuana is allowed currently, some industries have been preparing for a little elevation in future tourism. Back in 2013, the Howard Johnson hotel franchise started  “to turn some of its rooms into smoking rooms, which, Crain’s Detroit Business reports, includes marijuana,” as reported by the Huffington Post. While this renovation was mostly for the comfort of smoking guests in general, it is certainly a sign of things to come, as Michigan looks toward legalizing recreational weed in 2016. Along with this change in state laws, like Colorado, Michigan will also boost tourism and grow its economy by allowing for cannabis tours that will feature our state’s many dispensaries, growing facilities, and other great local businesses, culture, and beautiful natural areas.


Inevitably, cannabis tourism will benefit bigger companies and major corporations, but it’s the more forward-thinking start-ups and entrepreneurs who will really shape the industry and reap the most benefit. One such company that has recently been birthed is Michigan Green Tours, which is guided by local ganjapreneur and author of The Green Report for Hybrid.Life magazine and The Lansing City Pulse, Steve Green. The tours that Mr. Green offers will take a whole entourage of people around in a limo through Lansing, Detroit, or to special events such as the upcoming High Harvest Cannabis Tour. On a Michigan Green Tour, you can expect visits to growing facilities, dispensaries, and cannabis shops of all kinds. And you’ll do it all, riding in style by limo, where you can also partake as you ride!


The cannabis tourism industry is something that our country desperately needs. Not only does it offer many  enjoyable, educational, and inspirational experiences for those who participate, but it will definitely transform lives and local economies. Prohibition has restricted research, production and access to marijuana for everyone for far too long. Not only has this held back innovation, but it has also lead to mass incarceration of humans who do not deserve to be arrested, fined, or imprisoned. If we simply decriminalize cannabis nationwide and allow states to set guidelines for cultivators, grow operations, and marijuana product manufacturers, we would see entrepreneurial opportunities, such as Steve Green’s Michigan Green Tours, growing and expanding indefinitely.


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